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Many businesses - especially small businesses - have web sites. Most cannot afford to keep a full-time webmaster or developer on staff, and while WordPress makes it easy to manage your own content, it takes a designer's eye to make it look good. Bottom line is this: you have a business to run, and your focus should be on building your core business - not wasting time fiddling around with trying to make your website look good. Lock n Load solves these problems through our Webmaster Services program.

Lock n Load provides three levels of Webmaster services: Bronze, Silver, and Gold, allowing clients to pay a monthly retainer for an allotted number of hours each month that you can use for any desired website maintenance, WordPress set-up, consultation or training.

This allows you to choose the level of support that's right for you, and gives you the flexibility to concentrate on running your business. It also saves you money by liberating you from the need to pay full price to a web developer or designer when you need routine maintenance performed on your website. You never pay any extra charges unless you use more than your allotted monthly time!*

Domain Name and Web Hosting
1 hour of Webmaster Services per month ($35/hr)
Domain Name and Web Hosting
4 hours of Webmaster Services per month ($30/hr)
Domain Name and Web Hosting
8 hours of Webmaster Services per month ($25/hr)

*Program hours cannot be transferred from month to month.